The junk male’s chromosome

Is the junk male innocent? Is it all the fault of a chromosome?

How did the Y chromosome originate? Was it something like the extinction of the dinosaurs?…did some sort of comet plunge somewhere on the planet, disrupting an entire ecosystem and causing unexpected changes? Was this why some X-chromosomes lost a small leg and became Ys?

Whatever the origin of this story, this poor Y chromosome, which identifies the male (guys have one X and one Y chromosome in their cells, while girls have two X chromosomes), is still there today, even if in bad condition: this is why the world-famous geneticist Steve Jones, Professor at University College, London, defines it as: superfluous, parasitical, full of “junk” materials and well on its way to extinction.

As a matter of fact, Prof. Jones explains that this poor thing has lost 1,500 genes in the last 300 million years, thus retaining only 40. On the other hand, the well-fed X chromosome has still got 1,200. Indeed, Y is the decay of a once big and adequate chromosome which has lost the major part of its genes in the course of time, keeping only the ones necessary for its survival and procreation.

It is the Y chromosome that brings about the emergence of the testicles in the fetus, and this seems to be its only valid function, because, as for the rest, it seems to be formed by the damaged  remnants of once-active genes and by a lot of non-functional DNA. So, in biological terms, it would appear to be formed, above all, as we have already said, by “junk” materials!

But that’s not all… We know that all the human cells contain 46 chromosomes divided into 23 matching pairs, the only exception being the spermatozoa and the oocytes, which only have 23 chromosomes. This is because, at the moment of conception, maternal and paternal chromosomes can join in infinite combinations, exchange genetic material and determine the unborn child’s individual characteristics. Parents could transmit to each child 8,388,608 (223) different combinations of chromosomes. But, Prof. Jones goes on to point out, the Y chromosome does not exchange with X (though it would work to its advantage, poor as it is…) but, totally dull and with the sole goal of transferring maleness, it transmits itself exactly as it is to the poor unborn baby, bringing all the faults accumulated in a long, complex and miserable past…

Could this be the reason why such a lot of “great” leaders in history are alike in the end? Attila, Genghis Khan, Julius Cesar… the more modern Hitler and Stalin… the contemporaries Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi: all of them hungry for power, money and… sex, almost to ward off the definitive disappearance of their impaired Y chromosome…

Actually, considering how male power has ruined our planet, the animal world, the quality of life and people themselves, one would feel like saying that what is of interest in Y – when there is ANY interest – is only the erectile function, i.e. the fucking function, because patriarchy has been and still is a sort of plague on a social level.

But these younger brothers, men, are they all to be thrown away then? No, because we mustn’t forget that, before their testicles were formed, they also received an X chromosome, and often an excellent one.

In fact, it’s with the genes of the X chromosome that Beato Angelico frescoed the San Marco monastery cells, that Eliot’s Ash Wednesday and Proust’s Recherche were written, that Mozart created his enchanting music… We definitely accept these guys, biologically, and therefore also psychologically, determined more by their X than by their Y chromosome. We often see them paying a high price for not agreeing with the spirit of the world created by their Y brothers’.

Modern society has been created by Y males with violence and robbery. They blew away the others or simply relegated them to universities and academies, far from any economic power.

But today, considering all these things with an untroubled – and not necessarily feminist – attitude, isn’t it a dangerous absurdity that the planet has always been run by these people, these primitive human beings whose behavior really seems to be determined by a damaged chromosome, which is always pushing without mediation towards an egoistic, obsessive and violent self-affirmation, to the detriment of everything else? 

In this site we declare all our disgust for these “junk males”

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